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Are you looking for brake repair service in Sterling, Ashburn, or the nearby area? Blue Nile Automotive will provide you with an honest and high-quality complete brake job. We will swap out your front or rear brake pads for a high-quality ceramic or semi-metallic pad. We will spin your front or rear rotors, clean and lubricate your caliper slides, and inspect your brake system for good operation. We will machine match each rotor to the wheel hub using cutting-edge technology, reducing lateral runout and the dreaded steering wheel wobble when you press the brakes.

Frequently Asked Brake Repair Questions

Rotors range in price from $30 to $75. The cost of labor to change rotors and pads is approximately $150 to $200 each axle. Brake pads and rotors cost between $250 and $500 per axle.

Brake rotors and calipers might be damaged. When you use the brakes, the brake pads crush the rotor, bringing your vehicle to a halt. When the pads are overly worn, the exposed metal on the pads grinds against the rotors every time you brake, making a grinding noise and perhaps harming the rotors.

6 Signs That Your Brakes Are Not Safe
1) Your brake light is illuminated.
2) Noises such as squealing, squeaking, or grinding.
3) Brake Vibration (Or Vibration in Your Steering Wheel)
4) Fluid Leak.
5) Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal.
6) When braking, the car pulls to one side.


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